vendredi 2 octobre 2009


Been a while i didn't post anything on the blog !

Here are some related-music news :

Next release from me is Night Dive and Dedale on the flip, a collaboration with Headhunter on his brand new label called Transistor ( The record should land in your shops really soon now. Watch out for that one !
Massive shouts to Tony Headhunter !

I also did a remix of Jus Wan's Azure for Pushing Red Recs, a new label sets up by Heath from Warm Communications (a high quality drum'n'bass label for those who don't know).
This will be on the third release of the label, backed with a huge Headhunter remix of Avoid the Noid by DJG.

Also Jus Wan and i have been working on collab tunes, one called 'Reason To Live', the other is not finished yet. More infos soon.

And last but not least Im putting the final touch on my debut album called "Energy Distortion" which will be out on 7even Recordings next year.
Looks like there will be one sampler (with a remix by a very talented producer), 2 double packs and a CD with 12 tracks including exclusives tracks on both format.

Cheers !

Have a nice day,


mardi 21 avril 2009

Guest Mix for Flight @ The Next Chapter 2.6 - Archive

and here:

MP3 :


F -Hologram - 7even Recordings

Headhunter - ? -

F - Phase Two - 7even Recordings

F - Spacewalker - 7even Recordings

F - Poka - 7even Recordings

Ramadanman - Humber - Forthcoming Applepips

F & Jus Wan - Reason To Live - Forthcoming Tube 10

Joe - Rut - Hessle Audio

F - On The Corner - 7even Recordings

Jus Wan - Azure - Forthcoming Pushing Red

F - Epilogue - Ramadanman Rerub 7even Recordings

Many thanks to Flight !


dimanche 12 avril 2009


If you want to listen to some audio clips of my tunes, please go here :

A lot more tunes in the pipeline, some exciting projects to be announced !


vendredi 10 avril 2009

Top Ten - April '09

1. Scuba - Negative - Naked Lunch Dub
2. Jus Wan - Azure - Pushing Red Dub
3. Helixir - Deep Run - 7even Dub
4. F - Night Dive - Tbc
5. Headhunter - In Motion Vip Mix - Tempa Dub
6. Scuba - Klinik - Hotflush Dub
7. DJG - Avoid The Noid - Pushing Red Dub
8. F - See The Light - 7even Dub
9. Fever Ray - When I grow up (Scuba remix) - ?
10. F - Hologram - 7even Dub

jeudi 9 avril 2009

7EVEN09: 'Epilogue' + Ramadanman Rerub

Out late april on 7even, original by me and rerub by Hessle Audio's boss Ramadanman. Slightly different stuff !

Audio here and there


On the 30th of April i'll play a DJ set @ Tresor in Berlin. This is very exciting to have the opportunity to play in this venue and in this city, means a lot to me. Big up to the Freakcamp lads, looking forward to it !

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